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Concussions – Where does Baseball/Softball Come Out

From the nrbb president

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The law

The NRBB, as are most Ohio sports organizations, is in our fourth year of operation under the State of Ohio Return to Play Law (ORC 3313.539 or 3314.03) or what most parents and coaches refer to as the Concussion Law”. We’ve all watched video and filled out forms. For most players, statistics suggest it will be nothing more than a mere formality, and hopefully it is. However, this doesn’t minimize the importance of education and awareness. Protecting our children is always the primary focus.


ask the expert

During my concussion compliance renewal, just a few weeks ago, I did a little research. After a 5-minute Google search, I am now educated and will therefore proclaim myself an expert. While one may challenge my self-proclamation, I did discover some facts of interest.


You can probably guess which sport has the most concussed athletes. If you don’t know, I’ll tell you. It is football. Nearly half of all sport related concussions are football related. Surprising? Probably not. But don’t argue, as I am the “expert”.


girls and boys

The web was loaded with plenty of statistics. Since I don’t wish to bore anyone, here is one of interest. Young girls have nearly twice the chance at being concussed as do boys of the same age, and of the same sport. Having two daughters, each playing rec ball, this hit a little close to home. (Finally, was a little worried at how I would work-in the obligatory baseball puns.) The medical field hasn’t really determined why girls concuss more, although there are plenty of thoughts and ideas. For the brevity of this blog, lets just say it was statistically supported.


a good choice

But what of other sports? Rest assured, your baseball and or softball player will have a much lower statistical risk of being injured with a concussion, when compared to other sports like basketball, hockey, field hockey, soccer, lacrosse and of course, football. For what it is worth and if you are a baseball and or softball proponent, put this little tidbit in the pro-column, and lets PLAY BALL!